Since the early 1980’s, the Wilmington, NC region has helped take many wonderful projects from script to screen. This FILMingtonNC.com website proudly champions our exciting film industry in southeastern North Carolina, including our talented crew members, top-notch actors, reliable infrastructure support services, friendly local people, and un-matched, spectacular locations!

Please feel free to share this website address to help spread the word globally about FILMington, NC. We even encourage you to share YOUR local film shoot photos with us for possible use on this neat website. See our CONTACT page to upload yours, we especially love any good behind-the-scenes photos from on-set you may want to share. Our Facebook Page is also a great resource to visit for recent FILMington news and upcoming events.

Another way to proudly show your support is by shopping our many local film-friendly businesses. Several even have movie and TV merchandise, souvenirs, walking tours, and more! Check out places like “POODLE’s Island Wear & Gifts” along the Riverwalk on S. Water Street, “Whatever Wilmington” on Grace Street, even “Althea’s Attic” on Eastwood Road. Don’t forget to mention you sought them out to shop and say THANKS for supporting FILMington, NC!